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Charlie Miles Charlie Miles with a 12 inch mortar shell. These shells can travel over 1000 feet into the sky.

Charlie Miles, Owner and Founder of Pioneer Pyrotechnics became interested in fireworks at a young age when his older brother convinced him it would be a good idea to shoot bottle rockets at passing neighborhood cars. Charlie’s parents did not find this amusing and he was “instructed” about the dangers of this type of behavior and fireworks in general. 25 Years later, Charlie still loves to shoot and watch display fireworks. He personally creates, attends and supervises nearly every firework show performed by Pioneer Pyrotechnics.

Charlie received his PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International) Display Operators Certification in 2012, and he is currently one of only 2 PGI Certified Display Operators in the state of South Carolina.

Call Charlie today for a no obligation, no pressure consultation regarding your future event.

Our Team

Our Team

Pioneer Pyrotechnics utilizes the safest, most professional, well trained crew members available. All crew members are screened through a rigorous background check including random drug/alcohol testing. Many of our technicians are current or former fireman or law enforcement officers. We spend countless hours behind the scenes in best practices safety procedures. We pride ourselves in having the most professional team in the industry.

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