Frequently Asked Questions

1. Cost of an event:

All of our firework shows are custom designed so there is no set cost structure. We can typically work within any budget. Please contact us with your show requirements and we can provide a rough estimate over the phone.

2. What is the lead time for planning a show?

We typically need at least 4 weeks prior to a show to obtain the necessary permits, however if you have a rush need, we may be able to accommodate you. Just call our office and we can help. During summer months (4th of July in particular), we are extremely busy and need to plan any 4th of July shows as early as possible. It generally is best to contact us 8-12 weeks before a show.

3. Will I need licensing and/or permits?

Typically local and/or state governments require permits for pyrotechnic displays. We will typically obtain all the necessary permits for you.

4. How do I become a Pyrotechnic Operator?

See our "Employment” page, and please contact our office for employment and training opportunities.

5. Who provides the insurance for my event?

We do. Pioneer Pyrotechnics provides certificates of insurance required to obtain all necessary display permits and to insure your display location.

6. How long should my show last?

We can customize your show to last however long you want, however recommend that your show not stretch out too long. Spectators can loose interest in a long, drawn out show. A better show is one that is shorter and filled with stunning effects than a long, slowly progressing show.

7. Who will show up and shoot my show?

Nearly every show performed by Pioneer Pyrotechnics is organized, planned and executed by Owner Charlie Miles. This allows for consistent show quality and unrivaled attention to detail.

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