Safety First

Our number one priority for any event is SAFETY. We would prefer to cancel a show due to safety concerns than execute one that is not safe. From the moment we begin planning a show until after the show is over, we take the safety of our clients, crew members and spectators as our most important duty. We are very serious about our focus and attention to every single detail of a display, which allows us to perform our work with precision and as safely as possible. Our track record for safety ranks among the best in the industry. All of our pyrotechnic events are fully insured and permitted through local and state authorities.

Using the highest quality materials, equipment and products helps offset many of the potential dangers with any firework display. Our goal as a company is to maximize safety, not profits.

Safety First

Our firework firing systems are widely recognized as among the safest and most reliable in the industry. From gold plated electronic circuits to FCC Certified radio transmitters, our equipment is built for the most challenging of projects.

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